Passion Pit “To Kingdom Come”

Directed by Jesse Casey, Michelle Higa Fox, and Chris Lenox Smith

A vibrant apocalyptic journey for Passion Pit’s “To Kingdom Come,” from the 2009 album Manners. Combining historic garb, facial hair and plenty of pantomime, the band is transformed into a bizarre group of alchemists in search of the end of the world. We pulled out the crayolas and our telescopes and went to town.

SXSW 2009

Full Credits


Sony Music

Hana Shimizu

Chris Carboni

Joon Suck Park

Arthur Hur

Jason Tsang

Joon Suck Park

Catherine Moy

Zeth Willie

Arthur Hur

Zeth Willie

Erwin Riau

Joe Suslak

Anita Chao

Shoot Credits

Wendy Gardner

Juan Reinoso

Arthur Hur

Zak Mulligan

Michael Drucker

Maria Rodriguez

Christian Jara

Nat Aguilar

Jessica Bennett

Jeremy Rodriguez

Niki Penalba

Joe Cooney

Gary Gagliano

Erika Munro

Elissa Santiago

Jordan Bree Long

Ian McAlpin

Alan Bianchi

Omar Villegas