The Snow Girl

Newly arrived from Japan, Yuki confronts a group of bullies and discovers a secret about her father's past – and herself.
We were honored to premiere our first-ever animated narrative short ”The Snow Girl” on Creators by Vice. The Snow Girl is our first original creative collaboration with Adam Gidwitz, bestselling children's book author and Newbery Honor recipient.

Concept Art

We collaborated with R Kikuo Johnson, an illustrator whose distinctive graphic style has graced the covers and pages of The New Yorker, NY Times and other big name word makers.

Character Exploration

Here's a glimpse into the character design process.


"Mixtape Club has been killing it for years, so surprising to hear that this adaptation of a Japanese fairy-tale is their first narrative animation!" -Short of the Week

“By setting the film during the 50s, immediately following the Japanese internment during WWII, The Snow Girl serves as a topical reflection on xenophobia and its timeless presence in our culture.” -
The Creators Project

“The Snow Girl” wraps a multigenerational narrative and timeless themes of respect for nature and individuality into a thoughtfully scripted and beautifully rendered four-minute film. -Stash Media


The Snow Girl

Director Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producers Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Producer John Holt Assistant Producer Eddy Vallante Screenplay Adam Gidwitz Story Jesse Casey, Adam Gidwitz, Chris Lenox Smith Cast Yuki - Amy Cao, Snow Lady - Katherine Scipioni, Father - Sam Black, Andy - Dominic Coniglio, Jimmy - Jacob Safian, Teddy - Dylan Frankel Lead Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Storyboard Artists Blake Patrick, Keith Vincent, Dana Wulfekotte Original Illustrations R Kikuo Johnson Lead Designer Keith Vincent Designers Erin Kilkenny, Max Millermaier Editor Sean Moller Animators Efrain Cintron, Casey Drogin, Andy Kennedy, Julien Koetsch, Sean McBride, Max Millermaier, Sean Moller, Stephen Moverley, Keith Vincent, Blake Patrick, Adam Sacks, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte Compositors Arthur Hur, Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music