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Some films are creations of pure artistic expression. Some films need to deliver a clear and unambiguous message to their target audience. We don't think those two ideas are mutually exclusive.


HBO: Why Anita Hill Matters

Client HBO Director Chris Smith Creative Director Dennis Go Producers John Catapano, John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Denis Go Design Tavet Gilson, Dennis Go, Arthur Hur, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Luciano Tapia, Animation Tavet Gilson, Dennis Go, Josh Goodrich, Arthur Hur, Adam Sacks, Luciano Tapia, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfkotte VO Cherelle Cargill Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

ESPN: #NotPictured John Kruk

Client ESPN Director Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Lauryn Siegel Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Lindsey Mayer-Beug Editor Mary Varn Technical Director Jesse Casey Animators Casey Drogin, Tavet Gillson, Jules Koetsch, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Mary Varn Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

VH1 Classic: Metalheadzzz 101

Client VH1 Classic Creators Tim Harrington, Aaron Stewart Directors Chris Lenox Smith, Aaron Stewart Cast Tim Harrington as Randy Swollenblade, John Holt as Paulie Gold, Parker Silzer as Mather Producers John Holt, Bruce Moreau Art Director Aaron Stewart Animators Jake Armstrong, Phil Andrews, John Holt, Julien Koetsch, Adam Sacks, Aaron Stewart, Mary Varn 3D Animator Sean Moller Compositors Jesse Casey, Josh Goodrich, Julien Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Chris Lenox Smith, Luciano Tapia, Mary Varn, Paul Vilacis Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Goldfish Baseball: Finn

Agency Young & Rubicam

Basement Queens

Client Google Director Jesse Casey Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Eddy Vallante Director of Photography Evan Jake Cohen B Cam, 1st AC Matt Garland Production Sound Mixer Charles Cann Still Photographer James Chororos Assistant Photographer Wes Tarca Editor Adam Sacks Animation Adam Sacks Sound Mixtape Club Music

The Mortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Client HBO Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Andrew Zimbelman Executive Producer John Holt Producer Eddy Vallante Art Directors Andrew Zimbelman, Tavet Gillson Designers Andrew Zimbelman, Tavet Gillson, Dana Wulfekotte Animation Andrew Zimbelman, Dana Wulfekotte, Tavet Gillson, Blake Patrick, Mary Varn, Max Millermaier, David Jouppi Music Mixtape Club Music

Fox Sports: Metta World Peace

Client Fox Sports Director Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer John Holt Producer Eddy Vallante Storyboard Artist Frank Suarez Art Director Barry Bruner Editor Casey Drogin Lead Animators Casey Drogin, Frank Suarez, Animation Preston Brown, Andrew Chung, Arthur Hur, Avi Jacob Sound Mixtape Club Music

Showtime: Mishistory of Sex

Client Showtime Director Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Producers John Holt, Bruce Moreau Designers Kim Dulaney, Andre Sayler Animators Scott Balles, Arthur Hur, Julien Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Mary Varn, Andrew Zimbelman Voice Over Adam Goins Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

How Bernie Madoff Modernized the Ponzi Scheme

Client HBO

VO narrated by: Diana Henriques

Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Felipe Posada Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Eddy Vallante Storyboard Artists Mary Varn, Frank Suarez Designer Barry Bruner, Felipe Posada Editor Mary Varn Animation Felipe Posada, Mary Varn, Sean McBride, John Koltai, Casey Drogin, Arturo Echeverria Sound Mixtape Club Music

The Art of Collaboration: Sheets to the Streets

Client Google Director Michael Tyburski Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Eddy Vallante Director of Photography Evan Jake Cohen Editor Sean Moller Production Sound Mixer Adrain Dooga Martinez Production Support Man With A Cam 2nd Unit Director of Photography Matt Cady, Alberto Jensen Time Lapse Edwin Clavijo Production Manager Jason Weindruch Production Assistants Charles Chavis, Alan Jensen, Aaron Prescott 1st AC Brandon Regina Gaffer Andrew Cohen Key Grip Matt Garland Photographer (Stills) Wes Tarca Assistant Editor Whitney Theis Animator Whitney Theis Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Foot Locker - Timberland x Champion - Making Up History: Renny's Version

Client BBDO/Foot Locker Executive Producer John Holt Creative Director Chris Smith Storyboard Artist Frank Suarez Designer Barry Bruner Editor Chris Smith Assistant Editor Andy Kennedy 2D Animation Christine Fellmeth, John Holt

Sound Design: Mixtape Club Music

Online Safety Roadshow: Think Before You Share

Client Google Director Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Lead Animators Max Millermaier, Sean Moller Animators Arthur Hur, Julien Koetsch Voice Over Sean Moller, Katherine Scipioni Sound Mixtape Club Music