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HBO: Why Anita Hill Matters

Client HBO Director Chris Smith Creative Director Dennis Go Producers John Catapano, John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Denis Go Design Tavet Gilson, Dennis Go, Arthur Hur, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Luciano Tapia, Animation Tavet Gilson, Dennis Go, Josh Goodrich, Arthur Hur, Adam Sacks, Luciano Tapia, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfkotte VO Cherelle Cargill Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

How Bernie Madoff Modernized the Ponzi Scheme

Client HBO

VO narrated by: Diana Henriques

Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Felipe Posada Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Eddy Vallante Storyboard Artists Mary Varn, Frank Suarez Designer Barry Bruner, Felipe Posada Editor Mary Varn Animation Felipe Posada, Mary Varn, Sean McBride, John Koltai, Casey Drogin, Arturo Echeverria Sound Mixtape Club Music

Google: Meet your Google Assistant

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab.

Producer Bruce Moreau Creative Director Arthur Hur Animators Andy Chung, Arthur Hur, Sean Moller, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn

UNICEF: Risk Informed Programming

Client UNICEF Director Whitney Theis Executive Creative Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer Bruce Moreau Head of Production John Holt Design Whitney Theis, Tavet Gilvson, Avi Jacob, Preston Brown, Arthur Hur VO narrated by Kristen Sherman Sound & Mix Mixtape Club Music

Chrome Music Lab

Client Google Creative Lab Producer Bruce Moreau Animators Arthur Hur, Maxwell Millermaier, Sean Moller, Paul Yung Jae Suh Sound Mix John Parthum

Google: Bird Sounds

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab.

Producer Bruce Moreau Creative Director Arthur Hur Animators Avi Jacob, Max Millermaier, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn Music Mixtape Club Music

Google: Syrian Refugees Translate

Made in Collaboration with Google Creative Lab

Producers Bruce Moreau, John Holt Animators Andy Cheung, Julien Koetsch, Max Millermaier Sound Mixtape Club Music

H&M: Closing the Loop

Client Wanted Media Director Bela Borsodi Executive Producers Rene Bastian, Tina Preschitz Producer Laura Weber Copy Writer Thymaya Payne Production Company Mixtape Club Creative Director Jesse Casey Producers Desiree Stavracos, Jessica Pierek, Kate Johnson, Bruce Moreau Art Director Alex Mapar Technical Director Michelle Higa Fox Fabrication Razor Productions Art Director (Live-Action) Rachel McIntosh Art Department Aaron Lampell, Angela Stempel, Matt Christiensen, Shixie Shi Production Assistants Anton Trofimov, Claire Seizovic, Jennifer Sacks Assistant Director Adam Sacks Director of Photography Adam Sacks Camera Operator Chris Willmore Hand Models Kobie Hamm, RayMartell Moore, Jasmine Rush, Kelly Silva, Tanisha Marshall, Katherine Jackson Designers Sean McClintock, JJ Walker, Lindsay Mayer-Beug, Erin Kilkenny, Sarah Orenstein, Ricardo Villavicencio Animators/Compositors David Hobizal, Erin Kilkenny, Stephanie Swart, Josephine Noh, Raymo Ventura, Andrew Macfarlane, Shixie Shi Colorist Erin Kilkenny Sound Mix Parker Silzer, Patrick Cupples, John Parthum Voice Actor Kelly McCabe

The Impact of HeLa Research

Client HBO  Director Chris Lenox Smith  Creative Director Andrew Zimbelman  Executive Producer John Holt  Producer Eddy Vallante  Art Directors Andrew Zimbelman, Tavet Gillson  Designers Andrew Zimbelman, Tavet Gillson, Dana Wulfekotte Animation Andrew Zimbelman, Dana Wulfekotte, Tavet Gillson, Blake Patrick, Mary Varn, Max Millermaier, David Jouppi  Music Mixtape Club Music

Google: Song Exploder Presents Inside Music

Producers Bruce Moreau, Eddy Vallante Creative Director Arthur Hur Editor Max Millermaier, Avi Jacobs Animation Max Millermaier, Avi Jacobs Sound Mixtape Club Music