Motion Graphics

We live in a fast moving world. Whether you're going up, down, or side to side, we've got you covered.


Google: Material Design

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Arthur Hur Producer Kate Johnson Animators Andy Chung, Erica Gorochow, Arthur Hur, Erin Kilkenny, Ray Lee, Andrew MacFarlane, Sean Moller, Julia Siemon, Adam Tanner, Andrew Zimbelman Music Mixtape Club Music

Google: Material Design Showcase

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Kate Johnson Creative Director Luciano Tapia Technical Director Max Millermaier Designer Max Millermaier, Luciano Tapia, Keith Vincent Animators Ali Birns, Casey Drogin, Tavet Gillson, Alina Landry-Rancier, Max Millermaier, Luciano Tapia Music Mixtape Club Music

Oscar: Modern Technology for Modern Care

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Design Julien Koestch, Maxwell Millemaier, Blake Patrick, Whitney Theis Edit Julien Koetsch Animation Julien Koestch, Maxwell Millemaier, Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Google: Meet your Google Assistant

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab.

Producer Bruce Moreau Creative Director Arthur Hur Animators Andy Chung, Arthur Hur, Sean Moller, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn

Pass the App, Zagat

Client Zagat Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer John Holt Copywriters Alison Willmore, Chris Smith Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Luciano Tapia Designer Barry Bruner, Tavet Gillson Editor Mary Varn Animation Casey Drogin, Tavet Gillson, Avi Jacobs, Andy Kennedy, Julien Koetsch, Max Millermaier, Frank Suarez, Luciano Tapia, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte Voiceover Katherine Scipioni Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music