Health Insurance for How You Live Today

Oscar believes in smart, simple health insurance. And we believe in smart, simple story-telling. What a pair! From script to animation - and music through final mix - we had a blast creating these cheerful spots (while consuming an apple a day).


Oscar: Health Insurance For the Way You Live Today

Client Oscar Executive Creative Director Chris Smith Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Keith Vincent Design Barry Bruner, Blake Patrick, Keith Vincent Edit Sean Moller Animation Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Mary Varn, Keith Vincent, Dana Wulfekotte Voice Over Katherine Scipioni Sound Mix John Parthum, Parker Silzer Music Mixtape Club

Oscar: Modern Technology for Modern Care

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Design Julien Koestch, Maxwell Millemaier, Blake Patrick, Whitney Theis Edit Julien Koetsch Animation Julien Koestch, Maxwell Millemaier, Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music