Lee Van Cleef

Lee Van Cleef, the quintessential Western anti-hero, is out to settle the score . . . zombie-style. We almost broke After Effects coming up with the technique for our animated world. Inspired by the films of Sergio Leone, it certainly brought new meaning to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" – and lots of festival buzz.


Primus: Lee Van Cleef

Client ATO Records Director Chris Lenox Smith Story Andrew Curtis, Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer Randi Wilens Producer Bruce Moreau Storyboard Artist Tavet Gillson Character Design George Harbeson Designers Morgan Schweitzer, Eve Weinberg Character Coloring Ed Chow, Mary Varn Additional Design Alex Mapar, Brad Walter Technical Director Jesse Casey Animators Zoya Baker, Anne Calandre, Jesse Casey, Julien Koetsch, Paul Imperio, Elaine Lee, Chris Lenox Smith, Mary Varn Compositors Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith