Titles & Show Opens

First impressions are everything. Make it count.


2016 AMP Awards Show Opener

Client AMP Director Chris Lenox Smith Art Director Josh Goodrich Lead Animators Casey Drogin, Arthur Hur Animation Josh Goodrich, David Jouppi, Luciano Tapia, Keith Vincent Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

ESPN Films Title

Client ESPN Director  Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Luciano Tapia Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Designers Erin Kilkenny, Luciano Tapia Animators Tavet Gillson, Luciano Tapia Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

ESPN Pioneers Title Sequence

Client ESPN Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Arthur Hur

Executive Producer

Producer Bruce Moreau Designer Arthur Hur Animator Arthur Hur Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Google: GDC 2016 Conference Opener

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Dennis Go Producer John Holt Storyboard Artists Hyejin June Hong, Keith Vincent Designer Keith Vincent Animation Andy Chung, Dennis Go, Frank Suarez, Paul Villacis, Jene Wallace Music Mixtape Club Music

Sephora: Beauty Expedition Titles

Client Imprint Projects Director Chris Lenox Smith Designer Adam Sacks Lead Animator Jules Koetsch Animators Jules Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks Music Mixtape Club Music

The Internship Closing Credits

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab and Whitehouse Post.

Creative Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer Bruce Moreau Animators Zoya Baker, Jules Koetsch, Sean Moller, Adam Sacks, Mary Varn

Google Androidify I/O 2017

Client Google Director Frank Suarez Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Art Director Frank Suarez Storyboard Artist Will Robertson, Frank Suarez Designer Will Robertson Editor Frank Suarez Animation Frank Suarez, Katherine Vargas, Blaker Patrick, Naree Song, Mark Pecararo, Lori Hamasaki, Steve Connor Sound Mixtape Club Music